For children aged 3 to 6 years

The child is able to: 
  • Move on the flat.
  • Go up hill on the carpet.
  • Perform his/her first slides down the slope.

With Blanchot, I make my first slides and I am learning to gently slide down the slope ...!


Medal for children 3 to 6 years who are independent in the garden but not on the slopes!

Rewards the child for : 
  • Putting on their own shoes, taking off skis etc.
  • Use the small ski lift.
  • Overcome obstacles.
  • Control their speed.
  • Change direction in snowplough.

« To avoid Garolou, I know how to change direction.»

With my skis, I learn to make turns, left and right. That way, I avoid the den of Garolou on my way !


For Children 3 to 5 years

  • Start getting used to skis and sliding. The ESF instructors are there to help your children enjoy themselves in this new environment.
  • I earn my "PIOU PIOU" medal.


Children from 3 to 6 years who can control their speed and snowplough slide.

« With Sifflote, I slide and control my speed. »

  • I can slide down the slope with my skis in snowplough position.
  • And I can overcome some obstacles ! 

Some slides, small jumps, snowplough and I help Sifflote to build the igloo !!


1st Test ESF Level.
Inside Club Piou Piou!

With this level your child will learn to do the following:
  • Put their own boots and skis on. 
  • Use the ski lift for the first time
  • Control their speed and make turns reproducing the movement of different types of skis on their feet. The movements will be varied but almost on flat beginner slopes.
  • They will face parallel to the slope and be able to stop by a snowplough turn.

In Summary:
Your child will learn how to do many things alone:
• use the lifts, control my speed, sliding snowplough, making turns and stopping. 

They will even be able to follow you (parents) on green slopes.