Texte d'introduction

Freeride/backcountry pack

Our advice: Ideal for understanding off-piste, risk management, choice of routes, discovery of the best spots, technical learning in all terrain snow

Horaires et Tarifs à insérer ici

One week / day to ride the best spots of Chamonix! 
Backcountry skiing is the practice of freeride skiing in search of the most beautiful slopes and the best snow (piste and off-piste in a non-glacier area).

Supervised by a professional specialist in off-piste skiing, you will be trained in the use of safety equipment as well as in group driving off the beaten track to enlarge your skills as skiers.

Your detailed program:

  • Welcoming customers
  • Presentation of each, their expectations and their practices.
  • Relief and research: 
• Use of DVA
• Use of the probe 
• Using the shovel
  • Sends the alert message:
• Technic 
• Group leadership leading
  • Technic and risk management
  • Mountain and snow (snow, mountain environment, weather, avalanche)
  • Freeride

What will impress you:

  • Learn to use your safety equipment
  • Riding the best spots


  • Ski suit, gloves, helmet, large skis, water
  • Safety equipment (bag, shovel, DVA probe) provided