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the security pack

Our recommendation: Ideal for those who want to discover off- piste skiing and ski touring in a safe environment, learning how to use all the specific equipment

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Avalanche Beacon, Avalanche Airbag, snow conditions, discover what is hidden behind all these terms which are essential for a safe practice of ski touring and off-piste skiing.

This mini training will give you the basic knowledge to asses the mountain conditions and minimize the risk when adventuring yourself in backcountry terrain.

Program details:

  • Welcoming customers 
  • Round of presentations 
  •  Presentation on a PowerPoint of the various elements and aspects around the safety of the practices of off piste skiing and ski touring. 
  • Presentation of the security equipment. 
  • Explanation and practice of the use of the Avalanche Beacon. 
  • Explanation and practice of the use of the avalanche probe. 
  • Explanation and practice of the use of the snow shovel. 
  • Contacting the emergency services 
  • Technique and risk management 
  • Mountain and snow conditions (snow, mountain environment, weather, avalanche).

The highlights:

  • The PowerPoint presentation with its images and videos. 
  • The Avalanche Beacon. 
  • The need for a very quick reaction. 
  • The airbag.

Equipment Needed:

  • Skiing clothes
  • Gloves
  • Hat