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Welcome to esf Chamonix.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and our dedication in providing an excellent service.

Our dedicated team of 280 esf instructors welcome you to the beautiful area of Chamonix, in the Haute-Savoie region of France. In Chamonix you will find the most exceptional ski area and plenty of esf activities to enjoy during your stay. We offer lessons and activities for the beginner to expert skier and we cater for all ages and levels.
Ski Safe. Ski Chamonix. Trust esf.

Our 6 lesson categories 

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06 Categories
Off-piste skiing in complete safety
Take a moment to escape
Our in depth knowledge of the Mont-Blanc Massif and it's different areas ensure an intense and memorable experience that allows your adrenalin to run free as you ski on our most beautiful natural slopes.

Private Lessons to progress quicker
Book your instructor
Book an esf instructor for either a day, a week or even more!  We offer a VIP service for the duration of your Private Lesson including a private vehicle from your residence.

Assisted Skiing -  Experience the Freedom
Skiing for everyone
Learning to ski with a disability is certainly possible with esf Chamonix. We have qualified and experienced instructors and approved equipment designed to meet all kinds of demands. A dedicated approach to our teaching alongside specific equipment can cover many forms of disability. 

Cross Country Skiing
via Group or Private lessons
From children to adults and whatever your level, esf Chamonix offers a variety of lessons in Cross Country (Nordic) skiing including hiking, skating, cardio, and biathlon.

Season Courses
We have 3 programs to help you progress in a very friendly atmosphere over the course of the season.

Secure payment
Secure payment
Maison de la Montagne - Place de l'Eglise - 74400 Chamonix