Chamonix Valley
Ski area

Advice and preparation

For a successful stay!

The esf Chamonix team would like to offer some general advice for a successful stay in the mountains. For any specific questions, do not hesitate to Contact us !

For your little ones and children:
  • Have suitable equipment: skis, helmet, ski jacket, salopettes, hat, mittens, sunglasses or goggles, sunscreen and a handkerchief.
  • Avoid being present at their lessons and calling to your child during their lesson. 
    We know you would love to watch your child, however, if your child spots you watching the attention diverts from learning to waving. Feel free to watch at a distance or behind a tree for instance, but, in our opinion, go any enjoy yourself on the mountains!)
  • For those over 5, consider slipping an easy-to-nibble snack into their pocket (example: cereal bar). 
  • Make sure you check the correct telephone number, name and surname is registered on the Ecard
  • Leave it to the instructors to decide any change in level.
  • We can't welcome kids with nappies 

For everyone :
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended and compulsory for the Chamonix Team Rider (off-piste).
  • Arrive on time to the start of lessons. 
  • The lesson or course price does not include lift passes. Consider purchasing a package (where available) when lessons and passes are together but please check if your lesson is part of a package or not. 
  • 5 or 6 day services are run as consecutive days. 
  • Important: Pupils are not insured by the school. To avoid the risks and financial problems of an accident, we recommend that you take out e-Gloo type insurance. 
  • Weather conditions, ski lift breakdowns or other accidents cannot be attributable to esf Chamonix. In the event that classes stop, regardless of our will, no refund will be made. 
  • esf Chamonix declines all responsibility for material or bodily accidents that may occur to the students.